Saturday, January 30, 2010

Fair and balanced coverage

I've frequently bashed the (conservative) bloggers at The Corner in several of my posts, so, I thought it necessary to commend them when I saw this excellent post by Veronique de Rugy criticizing Karl Rove for distorting the facts in his characterization of Obama as the irresponsible, big spender (yeah, chew on that for a second).
Yesterday, Karl Rove had a piece in the Wall Street Journal called "Obama's Fiscal Fantasy World," showing Obama as the big spender and irresponsible president that he is.

However, I think the Obama administration's record is bad enough on its own that we don't need to distort the truth about what happened on the budget side during President Bush's two terms in office. Yet, that's what Rove does.
...Rove conveniently omits the last fiscal year of President Bush's second term (FY2009). He defines the two terms as lasting seven years instead of eight. That's wrong.
Here's an excerpt from his WSJ piece. Do not read it on a full stomach.
After a year of living in his fiscal fantasy world, Americans realize they have a record deficit-setting, budget-busting spender on their hands. Voters are now reading the fine print on all that Mr. Obama proposes and as they do, his credibility, already badly damaged, suffers.
Even as Karl Rove continues his Orwellian quest to use his administration's record to show that up is down and Bush is right, it's nice to see partisan people such as Ms. de Rugy stand up for the correct facts. The fact is, Karl "deficits don't matter" Rove does not have the credibility to attack Obama from the position of fiscal responsibility. Kudos to Ms. de Rugy for pointing out that the emperor has no clothes.


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